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Re: 'advanced' printing

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 19:35, Christian Schnobrich wrote:
> Hello,
> Trying to set up my printer I came to scratching my head so much that
> I'll be bald real soon now.
> The device in question is a Laserjet 2100 tn, network adaptor and
> additional paper tray.
> The problem isn't printing as such -- i had the first test page out in
> less than five minutes.
> But I'd also like to be able and chose the input tray, toner saving mode
> and media size, if possible on a per-job basis. I came across a package
> called 'gpr' that claims to do just that, but it won't work for me.
> Not at all -- it won't even take my ppd file.
> (got that file from linuxprinting.org)

I use CUPS and XPP with a Optra T610N. Feed CUPS the PPD and you're all

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