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Re: apt question: exclude certain packages from upgrading?

At 01 Oct 2003 14:47:58 +0200,
JG wrote:
> Hi,
> Put the package on "hold". Select your package on dselect or aptitude
> and press "=" to put it on hold. Or
> $ echo pptp-client hold | dpkg --set-selections
> This will keep the package at the current version (unless you
> intentionally install a new version)

Thanks this worked like a charm, upgraded and everything.:-)

> You can also assign priorities to certain versions of packages, by
> assigning "Pin" priorities in /etc/apt/preferences . Read
> $ man apt_preferences

Next on my list of research, I noticed it mentioned in a tutorial, but
not enough detail to really get the hang of it.

> Hope this helps,

Very much, thanks again.


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