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I am selim
I have a problem Could you help me please ?
I have a machıne that is work with sco unix 3.2 v4.2 under the network. All machines are sco unix on the network
One machine is not connected to the network. The ethernet card is 3Com 3C509B that has Rj45 port BNC port and AUI port. The machine use the BNC port.
I installed the ethernet card from the driver diskette. I can ping it to itself  ip address but I can not ping any machine on the network.
Could you help me please?
Everything seems true but it is not work properly.
Thank you very much in advance
Sincerely yours
Selim Bolgen
Electronics Engineer
Pagetel  Ltd. Sti
Camlik Caddesi No:44
Sarnic Beldesi-Izmir  TURKEY
tel      +90 232 281 21 86
fax     +90 232 281 21 83
e-mail   selimbolgen@pagetel.net

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