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Re: 2.6-tes6 vs 2.6-tes5 about visor

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 03:05:04PM -0400, Naitik Shah wrote:
> I've been unable to get my Palm Zire 71 working with kernel
> 2.6-test6 / test7. Anyone else using a Palm, any palm device
> and noticed any such problems? I've reverted back to
> test5-mm3 for now, and its working for now!

I'm only able to sync to my Treo 300 once using 2.6-test[67], as I get
a kernel oops when the USB port is unregistered.  At that point the
usbserial/visor module no longer works (and can't be unloaded), so it
takes a reboot to get things working again.  I've posted all of the
relevant information (kernel config, debug output from kern.log, etc.)
to the linux-kernel list.

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