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Re: APM - Crash ?

Andy Neillans wrote:
( Re-submitted - last copy did not appear - sent 18th at 2:20PM)


I have just installed Debian R3.0 onto a newish laptop (Packard Bell iGo
6000, which is a rebranded NEC Versa M300).

If I enable APM, and cat /proc/apm I get a complete melt down - the screen
fills with what appears to be registers, and it just loops and loops and
loops ...

I get the same problem if I boot with Knoppix and APM enabled , so it


appear to be an APM issue ?

I have used apt-get to upgrade to testing / unstable, and upgraded the
kernel to 2.4.22-1-686.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get apm to work, as it would be nice to


to watch the battery level ...


I recall reading your first message.  Looks like no one responded.


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