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Apache2 and.... php


I guess this discussion has come along quite a few times already :) But
I want to get it to work, I only want to use it! I've had it running
fine for over a year on a RH server, but I just want to use debian. I'm
running testing but found some php 4.3.3 packages that I installed...
Why are they only for apache 1.3.x? I really don't understand this, if I
remember correctly creating a php module for apache 1.3.x or for apache
2.x is nothing but a configure option, so creating a php module for
apache2 should be a piece of cake (I would do it myself if I'd know how)
and belongs (IMHO) in at least unstable.

Alright, the above is perhaps more for the devel list, I just wanted to
get it of my chest, anyone knows about a php4 debian package that works
with apache2? I want to stick with only .debs instead of starting to
compile all kinds of things when I require a new package.


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