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Re: apache 1.3.28-4 on unstable

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003 20:45:46 +0000, chbaker wrote:

> Ever since upgrading to apache 1.3.28-4 on unstable some strange things
> have happened. Index pages, whether html, shtml, or cgi are no longer
> working unless the page is explicitly listed. Example
> ``http://servername/'' yeilds a 403 Forbidden, but
> ``http://servername/index.html'' works. Also, I can no longer log into my
> installation of nagios-mysql. Does anyone have a clue? Is anyone
> experiencing anything similar? My quick scan of this months postings
> didn't turn up anything. I must also admit that I didn't do a thorough
> search of the bug db either.

Well, it is a known bug in the apache package, you should have checked.
The basic problem is that the modules are inserted into modules.conf in
reverse order.

(Just a dumb hobby administrator!)

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