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apt question: exclude certain packages from upgrading?

Hi all, 

Happily back on debian again and with it more questions...:)

Question: Is there a way to tell apt to never upgrade a certain package?
while upgrading everything

I have to use pptp-client to connect to my adsl provider.  This in itself is
not a problem, 
but the only version that works is in the stable collection of packages.

I am running unstable/testing for most packages, and I am loving it, however
for pptp-client
to work I need to have pptp, pppd, and the mppe patch in the kernel at the
same level.

mppe patch in kernel - I have this from the kernel-patch-mppe package
The same version of mppe patch in pppd - in stable this works fine, but 
updating to a more recent version of pppd breaks the pptp/pppd cooperation.

So what I would like to do is install/keep the stable ppp package, keep the
pptp-client as it is,
and the kernel has already been recompiled with the needed bits and pieces,
and is humming
along nicely, and be able to upgrade everything else without messing with

Tia, and another question 

Rohan Nicholls

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