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[SOLVED] Re: Verify that spamc is using Bayesian?

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 11:02:49PM -0400, ScruLoose wrote:
> And I'm pretty sure that my problem right now is that the spamc call is
> coming from exim (as user mail) in the systemwide configuration, whereas
> I did the sa-learn all as my own regular user.
> 3)  If I want both smtp-time reject for the really obvious spam _and_
> per-user bayes DBs for the rest, I'd have to integrate SA-exim
> systemwide, configured _not_ to use bayesian tests, then call SA _again_
> (or bogofilter or somesuch) from each user's .procmailrc (_not_ an exim
> filter .forward).

ah-ha!  Thanks to Paul Johnson, who mentioned the solution I was looking
for (in another thread).

What I needed was simply to change a line in my spamcheck director in
exim.conf from this:
    transport_filter = /usr/bin/spamc

to this:
    transport_filter = /usr/bin/spamc -u $local_part

That way SA is called by exim during the SMTP conversation, but
explicitly told to use the individual user's configuration (including
Bayes databases).  Whee!

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