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Re: Any users of mondoarchive on debian boxes?

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 09:07:40PM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> An article in Oct issue of Linux journal got me interested in Mondo
> Archive, which is software that builds self-booting restore CDs for
> Linux systems. So, I started to try to use it. I found a debian
> package in Woody, and did the standard apt-get ... .  I had mostly no
> problem understanding the man page. But some puzzles lead me to look
> at the Mondo web site, and ...
> >From reading the Mondo web site, it appears that there are 
> no documented instances of mondoarchive being used successfully
> on a Debian system, and that Debian kernels are somehow non-
> standard, and difficult to work with. Is this true? And, if true,
> why is there a Debian package of Mondo Archive? 
> And if not true, who, on this list has experience? Is there a
> different Debian list where I should be going for help on this
> particular package?
> Thanks.

I apologize for the late response, but there have been some recent
developments to mindi and mondo for Debian.

When I used to run Woody, I was able to successfully use the mondo and
mindi Woody packages to backup my system using a CDRW to a series of
bootable CDs. For me, the worst part of moving to Sarge was losing a
functional mondo ... I could not get the Sarge package (1.61) working. 

Just yesterday, the mindi/mondo package maintainer (Hector) created debs
intended for unstable/testing from the current stable branches of mondo
rescue (mindi 0.86 and mondo 1.66). They work for me (thanks, Hector).
He may even try to do Woody packages. See his thread at the mondo
mailing list
for details.

As other posters here have mentioned, Hugo, the originator of mondo
rescue, used to be quite antagonistic to Debian, because it does things
differently from other distros with which he is more familiar. A short
list of differences Hugo has complained about off the top of my head:
   initrd for kernel-images
	/dev/cdrom mounts to /cdrom, not /mnt/cdrom
	gawk is different from awk (your awk probably points to gawk)
	mount uses different options
	umount must be invoked with options
	/etc/fstab has different options
	that whole packaging difference (debs instead of rpms)
	Debian is not spelled R-e-d-h-a-t

He seems to have gotten more help ironing out these differences from
Debian users recently, and his attitude has softened, thankfully.
(Sometimes I felt reading the mondo mailing list as a Debian user was an
exercise in self-flagellation.) 

Most importantly, I'm relieved that Hugo continues to support Debian.


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