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Re: Anyone else notice that Swen is slowing down?

In linux.debian.user,
Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
>  Ahhhh!
>  I don't care if Linux has 90% desktop share, there's no way that an
>  auto-running (or double-click-needing) email virus is going to aff-
>  ect me, unless the people who write the MUA that I happen to be using
>  at the time *design* the MUA to do such a thing.
>  But that won't happen.  Why?  Market forces, the way Adam Smith said
>  they should: when users find out about that bit of imbecility, they'll
>  move en masse to a different MUA.

Such an MUA wouldn't be designed for us, but for clueless newbies that
believe that it's supposed to work that way.  And the people who know
better will run, but it will in fact attract idiots that think, "Wow,
it's just as easy as windows!", and the idiots will always hold the

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