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Re: apt-proxy

Wolfgang Lonien wrote:
Hi group (or list & group),

I use apt-proxy on unstable here, and the clients use it just fine - *the
first time*.

The next morning, they see no new packages on the proxy machine, even not
after updating/upgrading the proxy, not after apt-proxy-import, not after
setiing the sources.list of the proxy machine to itself.

I went through the docs again and again, but I am missing it somehow. What
did I forget?


From /etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy.conf:

# Maximum frequency of Packages/etc. updates from back end (minutes)
# Keep high to speed things up.

Check to make sure you do not have this set too high. I.e., mine is set at 4 hours, to after an update by any client, the server won't refresh the archive for 4 hours. If your is set really high, that may be the cause of the problem.


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