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Re: [OT] Cracked website at sf.net

Bob Proulx wrote:
Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Can someone here who has a sourceforge account please let the admins
know that the Crystalspace Wiki site has been cracked.


Well, it is a wiki, so cracking it is not really the right word to
use.  More like putting up a public whiteboard and having someone walk
by, erase what was there, and write on it.  It is more expected than
it is anything.  Anyone can edit a wiki and make any changes they
want.  I am assuming the wikis on sf.net are as open as most that are
out on the web.

They may have ignored it simply because it was a wiki and therefore
can't really be considered a crack.


Ooops.  I never even knew what a wiki was until now.  I guess I
should edu-ma-cate myself.

Thanks for the info.


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