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apache/php4 bug or not?

Hi everyone,

	I have recently installed apache/php4 and I followed the 4 steps
given in /usr/share/doc/php4/README.Debian.gz to setup php4_module.  I
restart the service.  I had no luck.  I tried a couple of times.  So I
trial and error and found that if I do

modules-config apache enable mod_php4,

I added an extra LoadModule line (which already existed) in
modules.conf.  After that, it worked fine, of course, it gaves me a
warning saying mod_php4 was loaded and was skipped.

I tried deleting the extra line and restart, it still worked fine.  Is
it a bug?  Was it something modules-config did that wasn't in the
original config?  I am using unstable and Apache 1.3,28-4.

Please CC me.  I am not on this list.

Edwin ERTW Lau

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