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Re: allowing a "normal" user to work efficiently

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 12:22:36PM +0200, Benedict Verheyen wrote:
> What is the best method with security and user-friendliness in mind?

There's always a tradeoff: security for convenience.  The more security
you have, in general the less convenient it is to use your computer.

> I mean, I could let my wife work on Linux but to take the example of the
> cdwriting, she would be confused: "hey, on windows i can burn cd's
> straight out of the box and here not, i have to use this sudo thing"
> Off course this example is a bit far fetched since she wouldn't work on
> the command line and use XCDRoast or something similar and thus avoid the
> problems described above.

On Windows, by default, there's no restrictions on who (or what) can
install or run software.  That's partially why MS is it such deep
trouble right now in terms of security.  However, if you prefer that
level of convenience while knowingly sacrificing some security,  you
can setup your debian install to run everything as root.  There are
a couple desktop distros that run everything as root by default.

- Ryan

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