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apache/woody/suexec : how??

I'm at wits' end.  I'm just trying to figure out how to get a suexec
script running on my Woody system, and I can't seem to get it to work.
I've been through the Apache suexec docs multiple times, and nothing
seems to be wrong-- yet it doesn't work.

Here's my setup.  I've got a script, owned by UID 12817 and GID 4028, in
directory /var/www/rknop (which is also owned by the same user/group).
(As I understand it, the suexec root directory is /var/www in the
standard Woody apache package.)  That script just does "touch
/home/rknop/test", and prints a little diagnostic HTML.  It works when
run from the command line.  However, when I call it from CGI, I get the
HTML in my browser, but the "touch /home/rknop/test" fails.  The error
log has a "permission denied" note, but there is *nothing* in the suexec

What am I doing wrong here?  The error log *does* have a line when the
server started saying that suexec is enabled with

Is it a problem that the default DocumentRoot compiled into apache seems
to be different from what suexec expects it to be?  Is there something
else obvious I'm missing?

Way back, when I was still running RedHat, I had suexec working with no
problems.  I've yet to get it running under Debian.  If anybody can
offer any help, I'd be grateful.


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