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Re: [debian-user] International Characters

>--[Arne Goetje]--<20030910antispam@gmx.net>

> AFAIK KDE3 will try to interpolate the fonts to display glyphs which are
> not actually encoded in the font. BUt I don't know how this works and if
> the international xfont packages have something to do with it.

Not "will try", but "does try". It still has some issues, in particular the
fact that if you have some broken font installed it is now even harder to
figure out which font is the culprit (and Debian has lots of those, like
some displaying o for an ö etc, or not having a glyph that they claim to
have, resulting in black boxes). Currently I use Neep Alt/11, but /10 and
/12 will give me the same font, except that different fonts will be used for
substitution. Also, I can't save in the configuration which of those will
be used; the konsole window from the saved session will be like /12, while
all other konsole windows will behave like /11, which is really wierd.

But I have not given up that maybe one day Debian will stop shipping broken
fonts, and font substitution will just work. And having a way to select the
font to be substitued like Mozilla has.

Btw, the international xfonts you're talking about are nothing else then
fonts that contain glyphs for the indicated encoding.

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