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Re: 2.6.0 + where is /etc/modules?

> Documentation on how to load modules in 2.6.0 on
> Debian is a mess.

Don't be too hard on Debian.  Things have changed in 2.6.0, and it's true that 
the docs haven't caught up yet.  But this isn't surprising.  Give the 
maintainers some more time to catch up.

Meanwhile here's what I've figured out:

For kernel 2.4 and below, modprobe et al. were provided by the modutils 
package.  For 2.6 and above, now it's module-init-tools.  The 
module-init-tools are compatible with the new module loader in 2.6, and also 
backwards compatible with kernel 2.4 and earlier. (In fact they just call the 
old modutils if they detect a 2.4 kernel).  The modutils are still there (if 
you still have modutils installed), but they've been renamed, e.g. 
update-modules to update-modules.modutils.

With modutils, I put alias and option file fragments into /etc/modutils.  
update-modules would assemble the parts into /etc/modules.conf and then run 
depmod -a to update /lib/modules/<kernel version>/modules.dep.

With module-init-tools, alias and option file fragments now go into /etc/
modprobe.d.  (One set can also be put into /etc/modprobe.conf.)  
update-modules now generates /lib/modules/modprobe.conf, which kernel 2.6 
apparently wants to see.  It also still maintains /etc/modules.conf.

Now that we're using module-init-tools, it would be nice to get rid of 
modutils, to cut down on the amount of this junk.  I find it confusing to 
have both sets of files present at once, and I'm sure I'm not alone.  But in 
my case hotplug still depends on modutils, so for now I'm stuck with it.

See also:
http://kerneltrap.org/node/view/799 - How to upgrade to 2.6

Hope that helps.

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