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Re: [OT] Cracked website at sf.net

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> Can someone here who has a sourceforge account please let the admins
> know that the Crystalspace Wiki site has been cracked.
> http://crystal.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/index.php

Well, it is a wiki, so cracking it is not really the right word to
use.  More like putting up a public whiteboard and having someone walk
by, erase what was there, and write on it.  It is more expected than
it is anything.  Anyone can edit a wiki and make any changes they
want.  I am assuming the wikis on sf.net are as open as most that are
out on the web.

It looks like they are using phpwiki with the portland theme by the
look and feel.  Although it could really be anything.  Unfortunately
that theme does not seem to give you the ability to view differences
in the past.  It is missing a [pagehistory] button.  Compare to
phpwiki running the MacOS theme such as on www.exit0.us and you will
see what I mean.  If the page history was available then it would be
possible for anyone to restore the previous markup.

> I happened across it a couple of nights ago, and I emailed the
> sourceforge admins (the main crystalspace page is not responding),
> But I have heard nothing back.  I imagine that they tossed my email
> since it is a vulnerability/security issue and I don't a SF account
> to mail them from.

They may have ignored it simply because it was a wiki and therefore
can't really be considered a crack.


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