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Re: Anyone else notice that Swen is slowing down?

> Please share this knowledge.  What executables are you awaree of
> affecting non-Microsoft systems which are in general circulation and
> which auto-execute on receipt by arbitrary systems in stock
> configuration?

Although I would agree that most flavors of *nix are much less prone to
exploits then Windoze, I would like to point out that security loopholes
for Linux programs do exist and anyone stupid enough to leave a
configuration as is out of the box could have a problem.

That said, when they announced the OpenSSH exploits (or was it OpenSSL)
I never heard of anything coming of it.  Perhaps because the *nix
community is generally smart enough to subscribe to security
announcement lists and never get hit.  Although the GNU site was hacked
a couple months ago so I guess nobody's immune.


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