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apache-ssl and mod_dir

Hi there

The 1.3.28-3 update of apache-ssl (unstable branch) seems to have broken
my config in a rather strange way. I have two virtual hosts defined almost
identically. The only difference is that one is listening to port 80 with
SSL disabled and the other to port 443 with SSL enabled.

When requesting pages on "http://host.com"; everything works just fine and
mod_dir deals with trailing slashes.

But when requesting identical pages on "http://host.com"; pages load unless
you call a directory without the trailing slash such as "http://host.com/path/to/dir";.

So for the HTTP virtual host, mod_dir works fine, but for HTTPS, there seems
to be aproblem. As I said, both are setup identically, so they point to the
same DocumentRoot (no trailing slash there), both have mod_dir loaded (checked
this) and both have DirectoryIndex set (checked this, too).

Any idea which little change in 1.3.28-3 could have caused this? Please tell
me if and what config details to provide.

Many thanks for your help!


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