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Re: apt-proxy still maintained?

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 10:00, Thomas Gebhardt wrote:
> I have not noticed any release of the python apt-proxy v2 yet.
> Apart from the mentioned flaw I'm very satisfied with apt-proxy
> which helps to save a lot of bandwith. So I'd rather stay with
> apt-proxy if I would have the hope that the problem is going to
> be fixed.

Manuel, who wrote ap2, has been very busy working on his diploma.  He
finished it a couple of weeks ago and is on holiday for a few weeks.  He
then plans to start work on ap2 again and hopes to maybe be ready for
the Sarge release.

I have been very busy with OpenOffice in Debian and have not spent much
time on ap1.  I did actually make modifications to fix the above
problem, but ended up breaking other parts and abandoned them.

ap2 didn't get uploaded as promised earler because there was a serious
problem, where downloads would simply hang without reason.  I was not
able to find a problem in the ap2 code and Manuel was too busy to look. 
In fact, it was probably a problem in either twisted or python, because
it now seems to work well with the current unstable and python 2.3.

One of us will make some packages available soon; until then you can 
try it out by building a package based on a checkout from CVS.


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