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Re: Appearance of xterm in xdosemu? - PARTIALLY SOLVED

On 30 Sep 2003, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> Where does xdosemu set the appearance of the xterm it uses?
> I want to make it larger and also make it a normal subshell to prevent
> the appearance being messed up.  But I can't see where the
> characteristics of this xterm are set.

I finally discovered what the problem was, at least to some extent. The
following line appears in /etc/dosemu/dosemuconf:

$_X_font = ""           # basename from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/*

However, although you can get larger text by inserting some of these
names you also mess up the window, so that underlining looks funny and
other unwanted effects occur. The solution therefore is to leave it

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