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2.6.0 + where is /etc/modules?


Documentation on how to load modules in 2.6.0 on
Debian is a mess.
Maybe this is too advanced yet, who knows.

Trying to load a sound module that was in /etc/modules
in 2.4.21 as cs4232.
/etc/modules is no longer used in 2.6.0. Everything in
the Debian Manual refers to /etc/modules.
Now with ALSA the module is called snd-cs4232.ko.
Where/how do I load that?

Aha! Docs on module-init-tools will tell me in its
FAQ! It says:

Q) Things still don't load properly.
A) Use generate-module.conf to generate an
/etc/module.conf from your
  old setup.

There is in fact no "generate-module.conf" there is in
the example dir a "generate-modprobe.conf". Do I use
that? I do. It produces no noticable effects.

Q) I'm having trouble inserting out-of-tree modules
A) See discussion at

Putting that into the URL box produces NOT FOUND.

Big question: What do you do in 2.6.0 with the modules
that were in /etc/modules in 2.4.x?


Hugo Vanwoerkom.

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