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Re: apt question: exclude certain packages from upgrading?


Rohan Nicholls <rohan.nicholls@answerweb.nl> writes:

> Hi all, 
> Happily back on debian again and with it more questions...:)
> Question: Is there a way to tell apt to never upgrade a certain package?
> while upgrading everything
> else?
> Details:
> I have to use pptp-client to connect to my adsl provider.  This in itself is
> not a problem, 
> but the only version that works is in the stable collection of packages.


Put the package on "hold". Select your package on dselect or aptitude
and press "=" to put it on hold. Or

$ echo pptp-client hold | dpkg --set-selections

This kill keep the package at the current version (unless you
intentionally install a new version)

You can also assign priorities to certain versions of packages, by
assigning "Pin" priorities in /etc/apt/preferences . Read

$ man apt_preferences

for explanation and syntax.

Hope this helps,


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