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Re: allowing a "normal" user to work efficiently

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 02:53, Ryan Nowakowski wrote:
> On Windows, by default, there's no restrictions on who (or what) can
> install or run software.  That's partially why MS is it such deep
> trouble right now in terms of security.  However, if you prefer that
> level of convenience while knowingly sacrificing some security,  you
> can setup your debian install to run everything as root.  There are
> a couple desktop distros that run everything as root by default.
> - Ryan

This isn't strictly true. This was the case in Windows 95/98/ME, but the
NT based series of Windows has always had restricted users.
The actual usability of these user profiles is somewhat questionable,
due to a large portion of programs assuming Admin/root access, and the
lack of ability to add security (I never did find out how to lock out,
or allow access to a printer or CD Writer for example) but they are

- Edward

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