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[no subject] "apt-get -b source libexpat1" -> cp: cannot stat `usr/include'... "failure while configuring base packages" "Is your son a Lunix user?" "Perl is configured to link against libgdbm" when building mod_perl %U parameter for ksysguard 'Slow' ifup/ifdow (1) initrd + aha1542 (2) /etc/mkinitrd/modules (Free Pascal) fp-units-api unstable? (Newbie) Compatibility while I am fumbling. (Newbie) Functioning In Debian (None) (OT?) general help understanding printing system *.wma *grins* *tex: personal ls-R being owned by root .bkf files from Windows 2000/XP, and how to read them in Debian Re: .efx to Gimp generated file /cdrom -vs- /dev/hdc /cdrom directory /etc/chatscripts/provider /etc/modules, /etc/modules.conf and others /etc/network/interfaces & IPv6 /sbin/reboot .. intermittent ... /usr/bin/on_ac_power (was man -k apropos --> nothing apropiate) /usr/share/zoninfo question /var/log/messages 16MB not enough to install Re:2 apt questions 2 apt-get questions 2.4 patch for AMD 760MPX/786 / A7M266-D IDE DMA filesystem corruption? 2.4.18 netfilter NAT problem 802.11a experiences? 8139too modprobe freezes the machine 82845G Graphics Controller :-)) 翻译服务60元/千字 [solved] freeamp don´t work debian on compaq proliant 800 server freeamp don´t work Re: Morte ao Linux, será? pppoeconf don´t find tap0 Re: [solved] freeamp don´t work unsubscribe [ OT ] Debian GNU/Linux on SunFire 280R Re: [Alsa-user] alsa snd-cs4231-lib.o: unresolved symbols Re: [Fwd: network problem: configuration/DNS? cannot access internal machine using our external IP [Fwd: network problem: configuration/DNS? cannot access internal machine using our external IP Re: [Fwd: network problem: configuration/DNS? cannot access internal machine using our external IP [Fwd: X, OpenGL and geomview] [Guess not] Re: USB wireless modem [HELP] keyboard dont work with netbeans [ Re: Desktop environment---what am I missing?] [ Re: Recent glibc time_t redefinition?] [ squid: idnsCheckQueue: ID 5: giving up after 1 tries and 4295.4 seconds] [newbie] - apt-cache / dpkg question??? [newbie] kernel image install question... [newbie] multiusers problems [newbie] shutdown via shell & Path [Off-topic] Buffer caches [OT ?] maestro1 sound card problem [OT] Actually Way OT - Debian version names [OT] Capitalism (was Re: columbia -- what really happened) [OT] Complaint Re: [OT] Complaint - spam-spam-spam ( monty python ) [OT] Grams data [OT] hardware failure [OT] How fast are scanners nowadays? [OT] i wonder how many more swatties are out there... (was Re: envelopes in TeX) Re: [OT] More detailed post ... [OT] Multiple NICs with Monolithic kernel [OT] poker open source [OT] Re: shuttle disaster Re: [OT] Re: shuttle disaster (Socrates) [OT] Regular expressions was First Time [OT] Sendmail help [OT] [OT] USB -> Ethernet adapters [OT] volunteer work Re: [OT] what are you running? (was Complaint) [OT]: < 10pt in LaTeX? [OT]Yahoo mail [REPOST] Kernel-Update Re: [SOLVED] backport of ICH4 IDE support Re: [Solved] cfdisk not working! Re: [solved] freeamp don´t work Re: [solved] freeamp don?t work Re: [SOLVED] procmail dilemma ?!?! [SOLVED] Re: DRI not enabled - Why? RE: [solved] Using of RedHat drivers in Debian [SOLVED]: Where'd appletviewer come from? [unstable] terrible gnome 2.2 performance problems [~OT:] reply-to triggers different address? Re: A7M266-D CM8738 problems: Pcm control of various mixers don't work AARRGGHH: Samba + WinXP Home Re: AARRGGHH: Samba + WinXP Home SOLVED abiword abiword symbols About package libflash0 About to go all Deb Access denied on imapd - but not ftp or ssh is allowed Acer Aspire 1300 ACPI & USB (not) working simultaneously ACPI & USB not working simultaneously Re: Actiontec Problem Restated active iptables update Add software RAID to woody box with ext3 fs Adding Canon BJC 8200 to cupsys Re: Adding Canon BJC 8200 to cupsys (Solved, sort of) adding eth1 adding fonts under defoma adding real-world address to server ... Adobe Acrobat Reader deb The last update was on 09:42 GMT Mon Feb 18. There are 5779 messages. Page 1 of 12.

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