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Re: [OT] Actually Way OT - Debian version names

deFreese, Barry wrote:

> > From: Robert L. Harris [mailto:Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net]
> >
> > I think when we go to 4.0 they should be named after characters from
> > Tremmors...
> Or they could stay on theme and go with Monsters Inc.  :-)

The thing about Toy Story is that it had a pretty big ensemble of well-
known characters, providing enough names to keep going for a while.
Monsters Inc is much more a "buddy" picture, with a smaller cast of
memorable characters.

I think Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas would offer a longer
list of names, and like Toy Story it was a creative and technical marvel
for its time, whereas Monsters Inc, like A Bug's Life, really offers no
more than minor refinements on the basic Pixar style and technology.


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