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adding eth1

Debian Folks

I have a next question.

I wandered through the manpages and internet for a few hours but can't seem to find a satisfactory answer for this one.

I have an up and running IBM PC with Debian kernel 2.2.19 at the moment. It has one NIC (rtl8139) which works fine. I want to add a second identical card (eth1) but I am a bit confused how to configure it. Is modifying /etc/interfaces and /etc/ifstate sufficient? Where do I tell the system what IRQ to use. And does that have to be another IRQ as eth0? Or can they share it? Or do I have to compile a new kernel? Or is there a config tool for it, like gpmconfig for the mouse?

I try to find out what to expect before trying it, so I have no experiance yet.

Thanks for all your help again ;-).


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