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Re: [OT] Capitalism (was Re: columbia -- what really happened)

Paul Johnson wrote:

>On Sat, Feb 08, 2003 at 10:16:09PM -0600, Gary Turner wrote:
>> >By the way, your message asks for a return receipt, which I would
>> >guess isn't everyone's preferred setting for a mailing list.
>> Maybe for mail-lists we should honor requests for return receipts.  Talk
>> about your self-induced DoS attack :)
>Does mutt have a quadoption for this?

Paul, didn't you have a bounce set up for HTML?  Or was it the Dman?
Wasn't that in Exim, or procmail?  Seems like a confirmation could be
set up based on the same kind of parameters.  Since I just barely have
Mutt and Exim working, I'll bow to your expertise on this. ;)
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 If someone tells you---
 "I have a sense of humor, but that's not funny." 
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