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Re: [ OT ] Debian GNU/Linux on SunFire 280R

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 06:27:00PM +0800, GNU Linux wrote:
> Hello all,
> How mature is the Debian GNU/Linux for 64bit SPARC Machines?  Our office
> bought SunFire 280R
> <http://www.sun.com/servers/entry/280r/sun280r_serverdatasheet.pdf> with
> 2 UltraSPARC III Cu 900Mhz SuperScalar SPARC V9 processors and 4GB RAM
> intended for my mail server project that I'll administer soon but I'm
> afraid to use Solaris 8 or probably Solaris 9 for this purpose because I
> don't have any experience with Solaris OS.  I'm thinking of using
> GNU/Linux and I think Debian would be the best distribution for SPARC
> machines.  But I'm actually a Mandrake Linux user.  I'm just afraid I
> can't use the tools that I usually use in my Mandrake Linux machines if
> I'll use Solaris 8 or 9.

Most of the tools you're used to using on GNU/Linux are available
for Solaris either on the Companion CD that comes with the OS or at
sunfreeware.com.  The major difference is the package management system.
When you're used to apt, nothing else cuts the mustard. 

- Ryan

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