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/sbin/reboot .. intermittent ...

Ive got a problem, suddenly, selecting re-boot from KDM doesn't always 

The system always shuts down and unmounts but about 50% of the time it just 
hangs with the HDD light on !!! When this happens the very last line 
"rebooting" does not appear.

The other 50% of the time everything is AOK, the message "rebooting" appears 
and all is OK

It was fine till a few days ago. Reciently I have apt-upgraded my system, 
played with bochs, ....... wget ....... aptitude......nothing to terrible.

I have scoured var/log gor a hint of what is happening, there are no error 
codes there, I am at a bit of a loss.

I have re-compiled my kernel,  you never know ....

Maybe I should add it happens to both my debian partition systems, my 
experimantal and main. boch is only installed on my experimental, the apt-get 
upgrade etc have been applied to both.

In addition, now I may be getting paranoid but my second hard drive seems to 
clunk and activate, this is an archive drive, ext3, used once a week.

I have even checked my BIOS but all appears AOK ...

Any ideas ??

Dave ...well it was working perfectly ... !!

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