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Re: [OT] Complaint

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
--text follows this line--

In article <[🔎] 3E5DA55B.1070900@charter.net>, Joseph A Nagy Jr
<joseph_a_nagy_jr@charter.net> writes:

 > Actually, that Reply-to-list functionality can be implimented on
 > the list itself.

	Not without breaking the original functionality of Reply to

I don't agree. I think when you hit reply to, it should reply back to where the message originated from (in the case of mailing lists, I should be replying to the list, not the individual to first propogate the message).

 >   Why list-masters don't do this is so far beyond me

	You should google for Reply to considered harmful to see the
 argument for that position.

Will do.

 > that I don't even bother asking anymore (or complaining about it
 > when I have to fix it myself (by hitting reply all, removing the to
 > (which is the person who sent the message to whom I'm replying) and
 > changing the list from CC to to (very easy, but extra work we
 > shouldn't have to do)).

	You need a better MUA.

Yeah yeah yeah. I'm really tired of the "you need a better OS" (WinXP only 'cause I haven't fixed my problem with the fs on my Linux box) and the "you need a better MUA" comments. We each use what we like. I LOVE Mozilla for mail and Pan for newsgroups. Both handle what I need them for exceptionally well (although when retrieving more then 5K headers from ng's with Pan, the system begins to lag).


Let me meddle not in the affairs of Linuxen
For I am an idiot and will toast my boxen.

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