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AARRGGHH: Samba + WinXP Home


We Just bought a new server at work and its running linux + samba.

Most seems to run fine, except I can't make the WinXP boxes remember
their passwords for reconnecting to shares at login.

What do I need to set in either smb.conf or on the XP boxes to get the
to reconnenct automatically at login?

A temporary work around is putting a batch file in the startup folder
with a few net use statements in them, but this is hardly

Although I didn't spend long trying, I got the same behaviour under
Win2K professional.

I'm assuming this is a problem with my smb.conf, since surely even MS
wouldn't set things up like this on purpose?

I'm using encrypted passwords, and they seem to work fine and user
level security.

From samba logs, the WinXP boxes send the correct username when they
try to reconnect, but the logs report a bad username/password pair.

I've googled lots, found many similar looking problems, but haven't
had any luck in trying to get things working :(

Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated.


David Purton

If you, O LORD, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand?
					Psalm 130:3

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