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Re: [OT] Re: shuttle disaster

 Knowledge can't be generated. Humans don't generate knowledge, they acquire
it. Didn't you get the hint, so clear back then, that several human units
would discover the same facts at the same time in different parts of the
planet? It was a very clear hint, that as usual we blind units just

> I had the same reaction. It would be interesting to see the context of
> that Iacocca quote. If he was suggesting that the most noble thing in
> the world is to be a schoolteacher, that's sort of inane, as it implies
> that it's more important to pass on knowledge than to generate new
> knowledge. Both are important.
> I suppose the need to both generate and pass on knowledge is probably
> the basis for the fact that at the university level, professors must
> both teach and conduct research.

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