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Re: [OT] Complaint

Joseph A Nagy Jr wrote:

> Actually, that Reply-to-list functionality can be implimented on the 
> list itself. Why list-masters don't do this is so far beyond me that I 
> don't even bother asking anymore

It's because that's the wrong place for it. If you put a Reply-To:
<list> header in, then it's a pain to reply privately; with most
clients, you'd have to edit the To: line by hand, or answer a prompt
along the lines of "Use Reply-To:?". A better solution is for the client
to support the usual reply-to-author function and also a separate
reply-to-list function that is sensitive to common mailing list headers.
Mutt has these features; if your client doesn't, why not suggest to the
developers that they add it (or if you're a programmer, write the patch
yourself and submit it)? As with the filtering question that started
this thread, improving your client (or replacing it with a better one)
is a better solution than demanding that the rest of the world bend over
backward for your defective software.


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