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Re: Actiontec Problem Restated

Joey Hess wrote:

card "Actontec Wireless PC Card 802.11b"
manfid 0x1668, 0x0101
bind "orinoco_cs"

That's a really sorta odd thing to be adding if you intend to use
linix-wlan-ng as the driver for this card. orinoco_cs is the in-kernel
pcmcia driver for orinoco cards. For a USB card and linux-wlan-ng, I'd
expect to see prism2_usb there. But, er, why would it be added here at
all, if the card is a USB, and not a PCMCIA card? Confused.
Ya. This is a difference between he and me, as i am using  there

card "Prism2 Wireless PC Card 802.11b"
manfid 0x1668, 0x0101
bind "orinoco_cs"

or whatever it is the ident string (i don't remember properly by now)

To get debian's ifup working, you'd need to edit /etc/network/interfaces
Of course ;-)

If you sent this error message to the linux-wlan-ng list and they cannot
help you, I cannot either.

OK. Then i will stop messaging you . Thankx anyway


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