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Re: Adding Canon BJC 8200 to cupsys (Solved, sort of)

Feng Tian wrote:

After gunzip C/bjc-8200.ppd.gz can put bjc-8200.ppd in
/usr/share/cups/model (restart cupsys), I am able to install
the printer and printed a test page !!!  I still don't know
if gunzip helps or simply restart works.

Now my question is which the two ppd files should I use?
bjc-8200.ppd or BJC-8200-stp.ppd?  And there are many choices
in model now, which one should I use?
BJC-8200, CUPS+Gimp-print v4.2.0 (en) or
BJC-8200, Foomatic + stp-4.0 (en)?
Which is better?


On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Feng Tian wrote:


I am trying to install Canon BJC 8200 on Woody.  I was able to apt-get
all cpusys* packages and pointing to localhost:631 worked fine.  However,
when I add a printer, the Model/Driver pulldown menu only shows


Can any one tell me how to add Canot to this menu?  I have found the
following files.


Any help? Thanks.


The word "better" is in the eye of the beholder <grin>. It ultimately is up to you. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make a comparison!

It is possible to define any number of "printers" using different drivers. All you do is go through the config routine again and select the second (other) driver and give this "printer" a distinct name. Then run your tests on both and see which one you like. I personally like the gimpprint drivers here, but for photo-quality work, I like another driver ppd that I got from linuxprinting.org better. I have two configs here... a "LP" and a "LP-Color". The first uses the gimpprint driver and the second one uses the other driver. I can select which one to use, but mainly I use the gimpprint driver because it is faster on B&W printing, and provides acceptable color when needed. The other driver gives me a bit more control over the printer's features and allows me to print at a higher resolution (VERY slow) than the gimpprint driver.

-Don Spoon-

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