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Re: adding eth1

Am Fre, 2003-02-28 um 21.06 schrieb Ina&Frank:
> Debian Folks
> I have a next question.
> I wandered through the manpages and internet for a few hours but can't 
> seem to find a satisfactory answer for this one.
> I have an up and running IBM PC with Debian kernel 2.2.19 at the moment. 
> It has one NIC (rtl8139) which works fine.
> I want to add a second identical card (eth1) but I am a bit confused how 
> to configure it.
> Is modifying /etc/interfaces and /etc/ifstate sufficient? Where do I 
> tell the system what IRQ to use. And does that have to be another IRQ as 
> eth0? Or can they share it?
> Or do I have to compile a new kernel? Or is there a config tool for it, 
> like gpmconfig for the mouse?
> I try to find out what to expect before trying it, so I have no 
> experiance yet.

Hi Frank,

if the second card is the same type, it will use the same driver. If it
is a pci-Card you don't need to tell the driver module anything about
the hardware. Try "ifconfig eth0" and "ifconfig eth1" to look for the
Ports and interrupts.

To get the IP to the hardware you will have to make allmost the same as
for eth0 again for eth1 - maybe editing /etc/networks/interfaces if you
are using ifup/ifdown.


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