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Re: [OT] Actually Way OT - Debian version names

Hall Stevenson wrote:

At 10:03 AM 2/21/2003 -0800, Craig Dickson wrote:

nate wrote:

> deFreese, Barry said:
> > OK, this is probably a newbie question and maybe it has been covered
> > before but it's been buggin' me for a while.
> >
> > So we have Potato, Woody, Sid, Sarge. Are the Debian folks Toy Story fans
> > or is it just coincidence?
> no coincidence. though i've never seen the movie myself. And don't
> plan to :)
> there was also hamm(2.0), and slink(2.1), not sure if those were part of
> toy story too ?

Yes, of course. Hamm was a piggy bank and slink was a dog whose middle
body was a slinky.

Sid, by the way, was the nasty little boy next door who dismembered toys
for fun -- hence the use of his name for the unstable branch.

Do you just generally dislike films, or "kid" movies? Toy Story is
actually a lot of fun for all ages. The script has a lot of clever
touches aimed at the adults in the audience. Amazingly, Toy Story 2 is
also quite good; Pixar chose not to just make an inferior clone of the
first movie, and instead took the characters in a somewhat different

Glad to see/read that I'm not the only "adult" that really enjoys watching the Toy Story movies. By the way, A Bug's Life and Antz are good too. :-)


Even close to retiring one must find some form of relaxation, and Shrek provided some. Then of course one could always find something from Chicken Run for future releases :-)) Barry.

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