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[no subject] 밥줄입니다. 2.2r3 and pseudo-image 2.2r3 CD Images 2.2r3 iso?? 2.2_rev3 CD Images available soon? 2.4.3 + X 4.0.2 + star office = dead box 2.4 kernel how good is it? 25% off Dotinkjet Paper >2Gb files 320X240 3c509 and 2.2r2 installation 3c905c once again. 3C905c summary. 3com59x IRQ problem 8-bit characters abiword acroread Adding to the Debian-Blackbox Menu Adore Linux virus ADSL 3COM 812 ADSL connection in Belgium after dpkg-buildpackage After potato install, why does 1st dselect install so much? AGP & PCI RE: alert : water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Alsa alsa et al ALSA problems in Debian/unstable Alsa's sequencer? Alsa under Debian has me baffled amd and nis annoying Dependency/conflict resolution screen in dselect SSH Tunnel service Any DSL problems after upgradng to kernel 2.4.3? Anyone have an HP Omnibook500? RE: Anyone using cdrdao with success ? any women here? aol Apache, CGI, and LXR troubles apache+cgi+php+ssi Apache config problem Apache dies on SIGUSR1 and SIGHUP Apache module apache startup script APC ups problems - backupspro APM doesn't work apmd, toshutils, etc. on non-X laptop (Toshiba T1910)? apm question: shutdown instead of user suspend app for making cards? applying _only_ security updates Apsfilter for HP Deskjet 959C apt error : too many open files Re: apt-get and dependencies apt-get dist-upgrade broke X ? apt-get/dpkg trouble apt-get etc apt-get ftp sites apt-get problems apt-get remove -- ODD dependencies apt-get source failure? apt-get source problem apt-getting ximian gnome 1.4 resulted in... apt-get update foible apt-get upgrading packages of same version apt-package APT Questions. Re: Are you guys sure about that? ATAPI seagate STT8000A Tape drive aterms, home and end not working? ATI 3D Rage IIc and console RE: ati rage 128 atp-get upgrade scrued up my installation [attn] ... security is Down auth.log auto add available "parse error" AVI player? AYUDA -- comandos backing up packages backup home to a second hard drive? File size limits Backups and the distribution Backup up the /dev/ directory bad minute? Re: bad minute? -- SOLVED Bag'o'tools for saving RealAudio streams banner in debian Bellsouth ADSL Best way to run a 2.4 kernel with "stable"? #!/bin/bash blackbox keybindings Blackbox menus and the menu system RE: Blackbox submenu (was Re: Adding to the Debian-Blackbox Menu Blackbox submenu (was Re: Adding to the Debian-Blackbox Menu) black & white icons in Netscape Blank screensaver Bootable Linux-on-a-CD bootdisk - via-rhine pb's boot-floppies package Booting off a RAID controller Booting Problems Boot parameters /boot/ boot up commands Bootup Disaster (post-upgrade?) boot up look and feel bpp and gdm brak polskich znakow Breakage in samba security update? Re: bride of 3Com 3c900 NIC troubles bridge? tunnel? Broken Fujitsu 95 compiler... Broken perl 5.6.0 installation broken ssh? Brother HL 730 Buerk : Building GNOME 1.4 on Debian potato -- errors in control-center Re: Cable for home network? C-A-Fx not working in XFree86 4.0.2? Can extra keyboard keys execute shell commands? can not access cd drive Cannot login to server running RH6.2 Canoscan FB620S? Cant compile QT 2.3.0 can't find ipchains Can't find modules - but they work cant get grip to rip Re: cant get grip to rip (SOLVED) can't get volume can't install gnome-help? can't load Can't locate module nls_iso8859-1 can't log in as normal user Can't ssh in as a normal user anymore can't use cron Can you help me: one error in make bZimage Capturing console output cd-burning problems cdda2wav not copying right? (long) CD database application? The last update was on 10:12 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 5137 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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