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[no subject] "global" login scripts "The following packages have been held back..." "Upgrading" to Progeny ? #!/bin/bash Re: (English) Warum sollte ich gerade Debian Linux kaufen? (Fwd) Re: APC ups problems - backupspro (OT) Donating old hardware... (OT) M/Board & CPU Debian compatible Re: (OT) Storage (8*IDE HDs) any experiences? (partly solved)Re: help! can't start X anymore (partly solved)Re: what is 'slot-service-0-3' ? Re: (SOLVED): OpenSSH: How to do RhostsRSAAuthentication? Re: (Unidentified subject!) now apm *EASY* mail question .forward with cyrus? .Xdefaults downloading problem /boot/ /dev/dsp /dev/dsp revisited /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/console-tools/default.kmap.gz /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny /etc/modules.conf /etc/network/if-up.d /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces help please /USR/SBIN/CRON[22385]: (CRON) error (can't vfork) /usr/src/redhat on Debian? /var/lib/dpkg/lock ? /var/lib/dpkg/status: `meta-packageye' must be followed by colon 2.2_rev3 CD Images available soon? 2.2r3 and pseudo-image 2.2r3 CD Images 2.2r3 iso?? 2.4 kernel how good is it? 2.4.3 + X 4.0.2 + star office = dead box 25% off Dotinkjet Paper 320X240 3c509 and 2.2r2 installation 3c905c once again. 3C905c summary. 3com59x IRQ problem 8-bit characters <rant> grub <\rant> 注册 认证 送IP卡! Please reply to subscribe to [winzheng]( FRÅGA?!?! Re: ¡°Ð¦°Á½­ºþ¡±×¨ÓÃÖ÷»úÍƳöÁË£¡¿ìÀ´Å¶¡£¡£¡££¡ Re: FRÅGA?!?! Re: ¡°Ð¦°Á½­ºþ¡±×¨ÓÃÖ÷»úÍƳöÁË£¡¿ìÀ´Å¶¡£¡£¡££¡ C to Z hard drives ( C copy’s) on win sys. >2Gb files [attn] ... security is Down Re: [Cooker] using cdrecord to record regular file, but can not mount Re: [debian-user] PS/2 mouse under X. Re: [debian-user] Warum sollte ich gerade Debian Linux kaufen? [debian-users] 3Com 3c900 NIC troubles [debian-users] bride of 3Com 3c900 NIC troubles [Fwd: "Upgrading" to Progeny ?] [Fwd: /dev/dsp] [Fwd: [amsat-bb] Houston, Windows Has Problems] [Fwd: downloading question] [Fwd: OT : GUI Interfaces] Re: [GENERAL] Debian stable install problems Re: [gulalcarria-user] ADSL 3COM 812 Re: [MAPS #33478] Re: Whats goin on? RE: [MAPS #33478] Struggle against spam. Re: [Newbie]XF4 Xvideo extension Re: [Newbiedoc-discuss] Re: Tutorial for kernel compiling the Debian way, RFC [ Question re DGA extension] [OT] (floppy?? and win 95) two questions Re: [OT] (floppy?? and win 95) two questions -> VMware [OT] AMD Athlon fan Re: [OT] Cordless MouseMan Optical [OT] graphics card recommandation [OT] greek character in xfig? [OT] jumper for CPU Host Clock [OT] jumper for CPU Host Clock (Thanks and solved) [OT] kapm-idled takes up 77% of CPU? Re: [OT] running a PIII with no fan? Re: [OT] spam filtering with exim [perl] glob() and filenames w/ spaces Re: [PLUG] using Xfig with LaTeX Re: [SECURITY] [DSA-047-1] multiple kernel problems [Semi-OT] Debian-related job in Seattle [slightly OT] Agenda PDA [SOLVED] Re: How to get gnome 1.4 out of woody "pool" [ xmesa.h etc?] Re: [xine-user] subpictures [ A question about Debain xdm package] abiword acroread Adding to the Debian-Blackbox Menu Adore Linux virus ADSL 3COM 812 ADSL connection in Belgium after dpkg-buildpackage After potato install, why does 1st dselect install so much? AGP & PCI RE: alert : water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Alsa alsa et al ALSA problems in Debian/unstable Alsa under Debian has me baffled Alsa's sequencer? amd and nis annoying Dependency/conflict resolution screen in dselect SSH Tunnel service Any DSL problems after upgradng to kernel 2.4.3? any women here? Anyone have an HP Omnibook500? RE: Anyone using cdrdao with success ? aol Apache config problem Apache dies on SIGUSR1 and SIGHUP Apache module apache startup script apache+cgi+php+ssi Apache, CGI, and LXR troubles APC ups problems - backupspro APM doesn't work apm question: shutdown instead of user suspend apmd, toshutils, etc. on non-X laptop (Toshiba T1910)? app for making cards? applying _only_ security updates Apsfilter for HP Deskjet 959C apt error : too many open files APT Questions. Re: apt-get and dependencies apt-get dist-upgrade broke X ? apt-get etc The last update was on 07:42 GMT Sun May 15. There are 5137 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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