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Re: [MAPS #33478] Re: Whats goin on?

I am sending this here because according to mail-abuse.org I and the whole 
dynamic dns users are spammers just because we are using dynamic ip's.
I want all the debian mail relay's administrators be very aware about
They want to block the whole IP's which are dynamic so they can not send
mail anymore so every guy in the internet will have to depend upon 
a third-party mail relay to send mail.. whats the next?

mail-abuse.org is doing something like "lets put into jail every people who 
are living in a city where a crime has been commited"... this reminds me those
times in France when nazis killed 100 inocent persons for each nazi killed.

In fact my last IP was to a blacklist.. blacklist!! are we becaming 

whats the next? whats the next brilliant idea to ruin other valuable 
services like those you can achieve using ddt or dhis? maybe the next 
recommendation from  mail-abuse.org will be something like:

"please send your mail using only secure-relay.echelon.gov"

Please all of you who are administrating mail relays take this into 
account when using the services from mail-abuse.org. Not everybody who
sends mail using dynamic ip's are spammers just dynamic dns users, and 
to give the power to mail-abuse.org to decide who can send mail and who
cant into your system maybe it is to give them too much power.. maybe 
that should be **your power** and  **not** their power..

Who is abusing more the mail now? spammers or mail-abuse.org?

> On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 11:20:35PM +0200, Roberto Diaz wrote:
> > > If I am understanding things correctly, the purpose of the mail blacklist is 
> > > to prevent spammers from spamming, while allowing legitimate e-mails 
> > > through. Since ddts, dhis, and all of the other dynamic IP, static hostname 
> > > providers are designed to allow users on a dynamic IP to act as servers, 
> > > sending e-mail is one of the functions that legitimate administrators of 
> > > these dyn-ip servers would wish to do.
> > 
> > I think your proposal is quite worthy.. Why dont allow fully functional
> > servers just because they are using dynamic ip's?
> I think you need to convince people that DUL is a bad thing then. It can be argued
> whether blocking mail coming from dynamic IPs is worthy. Some people claim most
> spammers use dynamic IPs, therefore mail from dynamic IPs should be blocked. Others
> claim we shouldnt block 'good' mail based on the assumption that it may be spam.
> The truth is some people believe mail from dynamic IPs is more often junk
> than worthy mail. Therefore, they use DUL and block it. Which makes the life of
> people who use dynamic hosts as servers (most of our users) difficult.
> As Luca stated before in this thread, we do not provide SMTP services and there's
> nothing we can do about DUL since its blocking based on IP addresses, not on domain
> names (plus that your IP never resolve to your .ddts.net addy but only the other
> way around). We are not going to provide any relaying for outgoing mail from users
> either if that's what you wanted, that would almost certainly get us in the RBL
> (or whichever service it is for open relays).
> I am sad there are spammers in this world really. Yes, it is a pain to use a dynamic
> connection for running a real server, especially for email. I would advise that 
> people use an email address from their provider for important mail.
> ciao
> -- 
> Remi



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