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RE: (OT) Donating old hardware...

Hmm, since linux runs on system beginning with 386 i'd suggest you donate
those to a Museum :)

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I'm looking for suggestions (maybe things you've done in the same
situation) on what to do with some old hardware that I'd like to
donate or find a good linux home for.  Worst case scenario, I'd
probably just have to throw it out, but I'd rather reuse/recycle it
(ahhh, the good old days of Mike Jacknis's reuse@mit.edu).  So far: I
posted a message two weeks ago to my local linux users group mailing
list, asking if anyone locally would want the stuff (and even
offerring to bring it somewhere), but got no responses.  I don't think
it's sensible to ship it somewhere, as the cost of shipping these
heavy things is not worth the value of the stuff.  Finally, I'm
hesitant to donate it to someplace like a Goodwill/Thrift store, only
since some of it might not be completely useable and I wouldn't want
the thrift store to sell this donated stuff (even at low cost) to
someone hard-up, whose money would go much further with a better system
(say, pentium on auction for $50, or the like).

I feel like I'm out of options and it might be time to just toss it.
Any suggestions on this list are sort of my last hope.  I appreciate
any responses.  Take care.

Thanks so much,


PS: Incidentally, we're talking about: 

Original CGA monitor by IBM (Model 8513: near fine condition)
Original Compaq Deskpro 8088 (built like a tank; 
                              if I can find it, still :) )
AST Research 386sx/16 (BIOS issue)
Assorted peripherals 

Daniel A. Freedman
Laboratory for Atomic and Solid State Physics
Department of Physics
Cornell University

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