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Re: Alsa

> I had an old working RedHat version with also installed. I went to move
> my changes to /etc/modules.conf over to the new Debian version. I opened
> up the /etc/modules.conf and it said, "don't edit me", and directed me
> into other files, upon which I got lost trying to figure it out.
> How do I configure Alsa? I know what changes I need, but I don't want to
> mess with Debian's upgrade process -- it's too good. I installed the
> driver for my sound card in the kernel successfully.

I read about "how to mess with modules.conf" somewhere a while ago. Can't remember where. You're supposed to put those configuration stuff in a file in /etc/modutils. The one for alsa should be called /etc/modutils/alsa. Then run update-modules as root. I think update-modules takes everything from all files in /etc/modutils and puts it straight in /etc/modules.conf with a little comment where each section is taken from.

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