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Re: 2.4.3 + X 4.0.2 + star office = dead box

Jeff@meta-craft.com wrote:
> not quite sure who to blame on this one, x? kernel? star office?
> whenever I start up star office installer, machine bombs.

make sure the binary your running is a valid binary, id say copy it
to another machine and try to run it and see if it works ok. if the
binary is curropted in the wrong way i can see how it could trash
a system, especially if your running as root to install it(which
is the usual way to do a networked install).

another thing to check is how much ram you have, the installer
may not work well if you have 16MB of ram or something(most
of my systems have 256MB or more ..). star office seems
to be a pretty generic X app(e.g. it doesnt use DGA or
use opengl or whatever..) so its very odd that it could
take down your machine.


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