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Re: [OT] graphics card recommandation


> However, it's not without its issues. I've had heaps of problems
> getting the framebuffer running properly (boot to a screen full of
> garbage, which doesn't prevent X from running).


I've been having a similar problem and have gotten nowhere with finding
a resolution. I enable framebuffer support in my kernel for my G400
card. I believe I have a "vga" entry in my lilo.conf too (don't know if
it's still needed or not - haven't tried without it). In my case, I can
boot to text mode just fine -- as long as I stay in text mode. Once my
xserver starts running, console mode is unusable. Depending on if I'm
using the Matrox modules, my text will be blue in color, very "blocky",
and larger than normal. Or, if I'm using the standard XFree86 modules,
my text becomes very, very large and broken up.

If I switch to a console-login prompt, it will look something like this:

login:                                                   (typing letters
starts here....)

Simply put, it's unusable.

I've since switched back to non-framebuffer and can now use console.


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