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apmd, toshutils, etc. on non-X laptop (Toshiba T1910)?

I've set up an old Toshiba T1910 laptop (8MB RAM, 125MB HD, 486SX/33) with
Debian Potato, and am having great fun tweaking it to do what I want while
still being fairly economical with respect to drive space consumed. I'm
awaiting a used Xircom Realport combo 56K modem and 10/100 NIC (eBay is
wonderful!) so that I can make use of the laptop as a network analysis tool,
among other things.

That said, I'd really like to use the apmd and toshutils packages so that I
can make use of the hardware to its fullest. However, both of these packages
contain various X components which seem to prevent me from doing a simple
apt-get install. (I've chosen not to install any X-related packages, in
order to save space on the 100MB partition left over after designating swap
space, etc.) When I try to apt-get install apmd toshutils, it wants to
download stuff like libglib1.2, libgtk1.2, xfree86-common, xlib6g, xpm4g,
etc.  I'd prefer to avoid wasting space on X-stuff like this.

For the time being, I've downloaded the deb's and will manually force them
to install, hoping to avoid the X dependencies, but my question is this: has
anyone out there built apmd and toshutils *without* the X components?  Or
would I have to do that myself (a daunting prospect, as I'm quite new to

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Perhaps there's a very simpler way to do
what I want. If so, I'd like to learn how!

I look forward to any replies. Thank you!

// Shaun Crossley, Technician
// Kootenay Computers (1995) Inc.
// shaun@kootenaycomputers.com

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