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Re: [MAPS #33478] Re: Whats goin on?

> If you have an ISP who doesn't provide a mail server for you but
> provides you with a DUL-listed IP, that's your fault.

Please.. there are a lot of combinations.. a lot of countries a lot of
realities.. you can have no chance to choose a ISP who provides you
SMTP/POP and is not your fault..

Anyway there is no point... if we cant agree that to block the entire
internet dynamic segment is to go too far.. I can't see how we can 

Think for example in a lot of third-world countries maybe in some places
they could be using dynamic DNS as the only way to have multiple e-mail
for everybody in a small village.. they maybe only can afford a dial-up

Now maybe they havent mail anymore.. because first-world citizens have
decided they dont want to have spam and they will sacrifice whatever
thing that could be needed to achieve this..

There is a lot of realities.. please.. the world is big.



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