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Re: [OT] graphics card recommandation

If  you want  to play  3d  games under  linux, much  depends on  which
version of the  X server you run. See  www.xfree86.org for information
on which drivers are  supported. See also utah-glx.sourceforge.net and
dri.sourceforge.net which correspond to XFree 3 and XFree 4,

In my case, the ATI Xpert98 (Rage Pro) card has accelerated 3d 
(i.e.  hardware  OpenGL)  support  under  utah-glx/XFree  3,  but  not
under DRI/XFree 4. This is a bummer, because XFree 3 does not offer Xv
(bypassing  X for direct  rendering) support  for the  Rage Pro.  So I
would have to switch between X3  and X4 for playing games and watching
DVD's, respectively.  

As a result, I plan to find a Matrox G400 card somewhere. 

BTW, what  games do you  play under linux?  The only 3d one  I've seen
that looked interesting is tuxracer, but it crashes during the loading
screen (probably  because the Xpert98  doesn't have enough RAM,  and I
can't manage to set up DMA  correctly for this card, or something like
that.)  And of course the Quake demos, but they're boring.  Apparently
you can buy Quake  for linux but it's like 50+$.  Quite  a bit of cash
for something that a) is just a dumb first-person-shooter and b) might
not even work on my box. Kudos to the Quake guys for GPL'ing all their
old stuff, though. 


Stephan Kulka <e9626471@student.tuwien.ac.at> writes:

> I searched the archives and some hardware pages, but I couldn't find
> anything useful.
> So I ask the question: I am looking for a graphics card for using it
> mainly for office programs, but also sometimes for a good game.
> It is not necessary for drawing CAD or the like.
> I thought about a Matrox, because they should be a good average and also
> not that expensive.
> Any other ideas??
> Stephan
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