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Re: Alsa

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 10:38:16AM -0400, Shawn Garbett wrote:
> I tried alsa-config and it complained about drivers and the alsa system 
> not being loaded. Is there a help FAQ somewhere on getting alsa running 
> under Debian?

    I did the following:

    1. unpack my kernel source
    2. unpack the alsa-source (both at /usr/src)
    3. make menuconfig, select options I want in kernel
    4. make-kpkg binary-arch modules_image
    5. installed the new kernel-image and modules .deb files
    6. ran the snddevices script at /usr/src/modules/alsa-driver to configure
my device files
    7. made sure that esd was running (note that the libesd-alsa0 package is
    8. Fired up xmms, told it to use esd, and viola, sound. I'm using gmix as
a mixer. I had some problems with the other mixers, including amixer that
comes with alsa-utils. 

    My sound is still choppy whenever I do a disk access. It's 10 times better
with the emu10k1 module for my SB Live! Value card at home, but it works. I
was planning on looking into what the choppy sound problem was here. 


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